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Floral wrapped diffuser

Floral wrapped diffuser


Introducing our stunning 12ml full floral wrapped hanging diffuser, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your car, office or home.

The beautiful floral design will complement any decor, while the diffuser itself allows you to have your favourite scent with you on every journey.

Hand poured with love, this diffuser is the perfect addition to your collection of handmade goods. 

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  • Remove wooden lid, pop out the plastic bung, put the wooden lid back on. (not too tight)

    Tip up 2 -3 times to allow scent to soak in the lid, hang in your desired place and enjoy!

    Avoid over soaking as this may drip and cause damage to surfaces below, if the product leaks or is spilt wipe up with a dry cloth then wipe the surface with warm soapy water as soon as possibe.

    Wash hands or any skin surface the product gets on immediatly to avoid contact with eyes or mouth.

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