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Welcome to A Bubbly Mess: Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We are a family of four, living on the West Coast of the South Island. After our youngest child having sensitive skin, i decided to have a go at making some soap for him to help, and being a stay at home mum this also became my time to have time out, now here we are.

Our Soaps are made at home, with the choice of different bases, smells and colours available. We also started making soy wax melts and candles with some yummy scents too! Soy wax has a low melt temp which makes these waxes ideal for electric and candle burners.

Our products are all homemade and made just how you order them! You choose the fragrance, colour and base for the soap products or just have the base with no colour or fragrance, its your choice!
Same with the Soy Waxes, you choose the fragrance and colour if you wish! 
We can make the products with fragrance oils or Essential oils whatever you choose.

All our pieces are different, and we believe there's a little something for everyone.

I hope you love what you find and enjoy our products as much as we do.

We hope our products benefit you like they have us and you enjoy every moment with them. 

Aleisha x

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