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Hanging Diffuser

Hanging Diffuser


Introducing our Hanging Diffuser, the perfect way to bring your favourite scent with you on the go.

Whether you're traveling in your car or caravan, or simply want to freshen up your wardrobe, this hanging diffuser is the perfect solution. Handmade with care, our diffuser is easy to hang anywhere, ensuring that you always have a pleasant scent to enjoy.

So why wait? Order yours today and experience the benefits of our hanging diffuser for yourself

  • Instructions

    Remove plastic bung, screw wooden top on, tip upside down two times and hang up to diffuse the fragrance.

    As the smell fades, give the bottle a tip or small shake to refresh

  • If you wish to change the smell of your diffuser, was the bottle and lid in warm soapy water and allow to fully dry before refilling and starting over

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